Sunnie’s Dailies

Have you ever tried to kill something that had not grown yet? I have. And you have just not in the literal. Doors that are supposed to be open, we shut and doors that are supposed to be closed we pry open. This is not God’s will but our own will at work. So when you’re looking to blame someone for your dismay…look in the mirror. Have a great day! Love ya!

Sunnie’s Dailies

Good Morning! The past is the past don’t dwell in it. Last month, last week, a moment ago, they all reside in the past. Let them stay there. What you can do now in this moment in the present is live through it, push through it, and pray through it. You’ll get through it. Have a blessed Monday! Love ya!




Nothing But the Blood



It’s Resurrection Sunday! Happy Easter!

Happy Resurrection! He died for you and me and arose so the we as believers can live in this world without being of this world! My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! Glory! Happy Easter! #thankful #gracious #redeemed

Sunnie’s Dailies

Good Morning! TGIF! We’ve made it through another week! Communication is key in manifestation. Remember, just because you don’t say certain things aloud doesn’t mean that no one hears them.

Have a blessed Friday! Love ya! 😘😘

Sunnie’s Dailies

Good Morning,

The road less traveled is not an easy one but it does come with a certain respect. It’s easy to do the “norm”, whatever that is, but to truly be extraordinary you have to dare to be different. Some may call it weird, I just call it you.

Have a great day! Love ya! 😘

Sunnie’s Dailies

Good Afternoon,

Try something different today…try being thankful for what you have, what you are manifesting and what is to come? Don’t let your current position in life deter you from receiving the blessings of life!

Have a great day! Love ya!

Sunnie’s Dailies

Good Evening! You can choose to either be a victim or be victorious! How you live your life is completely up to you! Choose wisely. Have a great day! Love ya!

Sunnie’s Dailies

Good morning! Seek what you speak. Be the change you want to see in your life and be what you want to attract. It’s not always about how time plays out, it’s mostly about how you play out your time. Have a great day! Love ya!

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