Candy-Coated Lies

Candy-Coated Lies
August 13, 2010 at 11:48pm

Sweet lies oh tender sweet lies
Roll off your tongue like candy-coated kisses just to fall upon deaf hears because the magnitude of your lies no longer bare any effect.
Turmoil oh treacherous dishonesty plagues your very being, you couldn’t be honest or truthful if it was the last good deed ever bestowed.
Like dew in the morning your lies stick to your palette like coating, these candy-coated, sweetly eloquent lies protect you, for fear of exposure you hide behind their aroma hoping that the lies will linger, for fear of being thought vulnerable your build up a wall of intricately designed lies.
When in hiding you feel that only lies can free you except that the lie only keeps you bound.
That tasty liqueur of piping dismay is always a lie at the end of the day.


Poetry is a truly freeing expression of the mind when the heart can’t speak and when words don’t formulate correctly. Poetic prose so eloquently state what those of us cannot say.



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