Breath of fresh air…

Often I tell people who ask why I’m single that I’m waiting on my breath of fresh air…well the follow up question is always WHAT? So I’m writing this note to explain what is meant when i say my breath of fresh air…. My breath of fresh air encompasses my very being, his mere presence is intoxicating and leaves me practically speechless. The thought of him consumes me and every second were apart is a longing for a moment in which we will be together. His presence is a humbling experience because when he opens his mouth he commands my attention an his authoritative aura demands my existence. You may say it is insane the way our interaction runs through my veins and keeps me existing in an area beyond my mind that seeps into the inner-dwelling of my heart where only he and God resides.

When I fall in love with someone I love them with every inch of me, mind, body, and spirit (which explains why I don’t fall in love easily or often) so this person can manage to add joy to my life not take any joy away. I’m sure this sounds like a fairy tale but its indeed a reality…it can happen. When he walks into the room my world lights up, when he speaks I listen, when he calls I answer, my strengths are his weakness and vice versa, we can talk about anything and don’t argue in the same respect because we have enough respect for one another to be adults and talk to each other instead of talk at each other. My breath of fresh air is my reality check. He’s going to tell me what I don’t want to hear and is always honest with me because he respects the same in return. He is my best friend, my confidant, my lover, my companion and most of all my heart.

I don’t believe in fairytales but I believe in true love. True love’s kiss sounds cliche’ but you would be surprised how I imagine a kiss like that would be…its one of those kisses that warms your heart and makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Its passionate unlike any other and causes a simple smile from your heart when its over. It sounds strange I’m sure but that amazing feeling is only felt with your true love…seriously…evaluate all the kisses you’ve experienced and compare them to the kiss I just described. You’ll know whether you have experienced it or not. So for all who desire to know…I’m single because I want that feeling. That undying friendship and love that helps the both of you get through those trials and tribulations because you know when you come home your companion provides you with that sigh of relief and a breath of fresh air…sigh.

P.S. This is not something you look for it just sort of finds you! 😀


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